Yummy Mummy Package

There are so many changes to your life when you become a Mum – not least the changes to your body and how you feel about yourself.

It’s really important to keep in touch with “you” at this time, but I know from personal experience that it can be hard to maintain your identity while you are coming to terms with a whole new lifestyle.

Yummy mummy makeoverYour pre-pregnancy clothes are probably not suitable for your day to day activities anymore (who knew how quickly knees can wear on jeans?), and of course it goes without saying we need clothes that can be thrown into the washing machine.

Gone are the days when you can luxuriate over what to wear – so a capsule wardrobe of clothes which look fantastic and are quick and easy to dressing in is what you need.

You may be concerned about carrying a little bit of baby weight – wearing the right shape clothes for you can make you appear taller and slimmer in an instant.

Book your New Mummy Style package – and celebrate the wonderful new you.

You will find the colours which are the most flattering to you, making you look radiant and your face more defined.

Learn how to dress with ease for your new shape.  You will receive a style bible with all the information you require to put together an outfit from which neckline will suit you most to the size of pattern (if any) which looks the best.

Together we will create new outfits appropriate for your new life – socialising with other Mums in the day, school run, evenings out (yes, you will get them again!) etc.

We will then go shopping to actually go and get these clothes there and then – so you can start feeling fabulous immediately

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Deluxe Mummy Style Package:
As well as all of the above make the most of your pre-pregnancy clothes.  Let me give you a wardrobe overhaul to see which of your pre-pregnancy clothes and accessories can be used to pull together your new capsule wardrobe.  I will weed out anything that was in the wrong shape and colour for you, and we will create new outfits with the existing clothes.  Anything you do not currently fit into which is the right shape and colour for you we will bag up and put to one side for you to look at in a years’ time – you don’t need it in your wardrobe amongst all the fabulous new outfits.   It’s highly likely that in 12 months’ time, you won’t want to wear it anyway.  If you do – it’s there; if not then it is already bagged up to go to a Frock Exchange.

Email me for details and Payment Options