Work Smart Package

When it comes to dressing for work it can all be a bit of a minefield.

You want to look professional but you still want to carry your own sense of identity in what you wear.

Your company may offer the description of “smart casual” – what does that mean?  Not only is it confusing as to what to wear but can easily lead to a very informal wardrobe that doesn’t really sit right for work or your social time.

You may have been promoted and want to project the right amount of authority whilst still coming across as approachable.  They style and the colours of your outfit will make an immediate difference to the reaction you receive from others.

And then there is the job interview – you want to create the best first impression but want to look right for the environment and appropriate for the job itself.

What’s the right thing to wear to a meeting with clients you know well but still want to win business from?

Book your Working Smart consultation and discover how not only the first impression lasts but so will your second, third, fourth etc.

Together we will look at any particular dilemmas or it may be that you just require an overall look for an existing job in which you want to be taken seriously.

We will find the best shades for your suits and separates and the accent colours that not only look fabulous on you but will also reflect your personality.

Discover how certain shapes are more flattering than others and how to create the “look” you require.

We will create whole outfits for different work scenarios – general office wear, client facing meetings, dress down days, and corporate events.

We will out together a capsule wardrobe – where you have a selection of clothes and accessories that you can mix and match through a working week so you feel you are wearing a different outfit each day.

Included in the package is shopping – we will go together and choose your capsule wardrobe which will make life so much easier when deciding what to wear each day


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Deluxe Work Smart Package

In addition to the above, and before the personal shop, I will sort through your existing work wardrobe to see which items we can continue to use and those we need to wave goodbye to.  There may be some items we can “rescue” until next purchase.  I can assist in creating new outfits from existing clothes as well as identifying where the gaps are in your wardrobe so that you shop smartly to bring it all together with a few essential items.


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