What is a Wardrobe Overhaul

Wardrobe overhaul is a great way to sort out your wardrobe – weeding out unwanted clothes, rescuing others – while Claire teaches you the skills to build your own capsule wardrobe in harmony with your lifestyle and your budget.

Your wardrobe is actually a TOOL BOX for your own style.  The only things in it should be clothes and accessories that work with your colouring, shape and lifestyle – for who you are TODAY.  It shouldn’t contain items which you can’t bear to get rid of, things that need mending or cleaning or even rolls of wrapping paper and bundles of wool and knitting needles for that jumper you were going to make 7 years ago!  (This is what was in mine before I learnt the tricks of the trade)


By all means keep a few items which have sentimental value – but they shouldn’t be kept in your wardrobe.  If you are lucky enough to have a spare wardrobe, then let them retire there – or kindly warn them they are going to have the life sucked out of them in one of those clear plastic vacuum bags and pop them in the loft!

Claire will provide you with an assessment of your current wardrobe including an evaluation of which items should stay… and which should go!  When looking at your clothes we have to ask the following:


Does it suit:

  • Your shape and colouring
  • Your lifestyle and personality
  • Your working environment

If it’s not the right shape, can it be altered to flatter your figure?

Is it in good condition – can it be mended?


If the answer to these questions is NO then you need to let go of these items.


With your remaining clothes, Claire will teach you how to achieve different looks to fi your lifestyle and how to best maximise and boost your current wardrobe.

She will also identify the “gaps” in your wardrobe.  These will be the few items you need to bring it all together.

These items now go on your shopping list, which you keep with you – you never know where you may find these items when you are out and about. This list will be your tool for saving money – if you need an item, it goes on your list. If not, then guess what, you don’t need it!

Click here to book your wardrobe overhaul today – recommended alongside Claire’s colour and style analysis!

If shopping fills you with dread or you have no idea where to even begin amongst all the high street stores and department store concessions, Claire offers a personal shopping service that will help you break through the clutter of the shops to find the perfect items for your wardrobe.