What Body Shape am I?

The body shape you develop post puberty is pretty much the body shape you will have for life.  It has NOTHING to do with your dress size.  You will be the same SHAPE whether a size 8 or 18.  Your slim bits will always be your slim bits, while you will always gain weight in certain other areas.

Claire works on the premise of three primary body shapes. We’re going to ditch the fruit rhetoric (let’s face it, no one likes being called a banana or an apple) and get back to basics…

Any body shape can be any size – this is one area where size genuinely doesn’t matter. The key factor in defining body shape is the hip bone.

Body Shape 1: Straight

Your waist is the same width or wider than your hips – you’re top half will be at least a size larger than your bottom half and your hips will be your slimmest point and you probably have amazing legs!

Body Shape 2: Semi-straight


You’re pretty much the same size on top and bottom, but may be slightly wider on the bottom than the top. You’re slimmest point will be your waist – and you’re likely to have an easy time finding clothes that flatter you – but there are still a few rules to note when shopping.

Body Shape 3: Shaped

Traditionally known as the ‘hour-glass figure’ you’re likely to be a larger size on the bottom than on the top, and will have a lovely waist to accentuate.


The good news is that every single body shape has fantastic assets to focus on – so no one needs to wish they were anything but their own natural shape. If you’ve got  great boobs, knock-out legs or a gorgeous waist – why not spend your time and energy making them look fab, rather than angsting over the bits you want to change?


If you already know which body shape you are, check out how to dress for your body shape.