👜 I remember doing an online consultation with a lady who had recently set up her own business. She had worked in the corporate world for so long that she had effectively given herself a uniform of black trousers and a plain shirt every day for 35 years.

👩‍🎨 Her new business was creating fun personalised hand-painted dinner plates. Her plates were so quirky. She was out there networking and telling people about her new business – but was wondering why people weren’t showing much interest.

👗 When I asked her what she wore to these events, she said her business clothes – so black trousers and a plain shirt with no accessories. In her mind she was a business woman and dressing in a business like manner.

👠 But here’s the thing – she wasn’t showing her potential audience who she was as a person, that she was creative and fun with an amazing artistic flair. If she didn’t get chance to physically speak with many of the people in the room that day – what would they remember about her and would they “believe” in her and what she now does?

👒 How you style yourself speaks volumes to others, before you even open our mouth. Does how you dress give people a good indication of what you do and what you are about?

If not and you would like to know how – drop me a message