Personal Shopping Experience

personal shopping experienceGetting out and buying new clothes is a dream for some people – for others, it can be angst-ridden and daunting.

As you decide to take control of your wardrobe and your style, Claire offers a personal shopping service – guiding you through the myriad of high-street shops to help you find the brands that are likely to suit you, help you identify colours and shapes that are worth investing in and helping you to complete your wardrobe with your essential items.
Whether as part of a colour and style consultation or as a follow-up a few months down the line, Claire’s personal shopper experiences will help you overcome boundaries and lead you in the direction of becoming confident when braving the shops alone. 

On your personal shopping experience, Claire will do all the hard work for you – finding the perfect items in the right shade and shape for you that also suits your personality, lifestyle and budget – putting your colour, style and wardrobe personality analysis into practice. You can look round the shops with Claire, or just kick back in the dressing room while she brings you a range of items to try on.

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Personal shopping usually takes place in the fine city of Norwich.  Other locations can also be booked if required – please contact for a quote.