So – you get to your 40’s and you want to look fabulous – bally right too!!  I totally get you.
Where did that time go?  When you were in your twenties and early thirties did you have areas of your body that you didn’t like – only to reach your 40’s (or 50’s or older) and think – “holy moly – there was nothing wrong with me then – I wish I looked like that now”???.  I’m here to tell you that style suits ANY age.

The great news is that you don’t really want to dress as if you are in your 20’s and 30’s – you want to dress for the fabulous woman you are today.  The woman that says, “this is what I’ve learned from life”, the woman whose body might say “I carried and raised my children – my body reflects that and I’m proud”.  You probably even want to say “40????  Did I used to think 40 was old?  Golly, I feel younger than I did in my 20’s”.



Mutton dressed as lamb?

But how do you dress to reflect your age?  Have you ever used the phrase “I don’t want to look like Mutton dressed as lamb”?

You’re not alone!  But here’s the thing – dressing stylishly doesn’t mean you have to dress the same way you did when you were in your 20’s.  It means dressing right for YOU
By that, I mean dressing for who you are TODAY.  Clothes that flatter your silhouette, your colouring, your personality, AND your lifestyle.

The most attractive and stylish look is one where a woman is being true to who she is and then creating a look that shouts that to the world.



Style over fashion

It doesn’t have to cost the earth either – a few well-chosen garments that all work together as a capsule will have you opening your wardrobe doors with glee each morning – because everything in there is suits you and your lifestyle and you LOVE it all.

Some women can sometimes get into difficulty by suddenly – from nowhere – starting to combine EVERY fashion tip of the season.  THAT can make you look older.  But huge tick in the box for being current!  Heavens to Betsy! – none of us want to be considered “old fashioned”, but unless it is something you have always done – leave the very high fashion outfits to the catwalks.  You, my lovely, are all about style.  Your style!

Dress to flatter all your good points, learn to disguise any areas you may not like quite so much, wear the colours and shades which bring you to life, let your outfit choices reflect who you authentically are, and I bet you that you will receive more compliments than you did in your 20’s AND feel so great about yourself you will want to skip down the street.



It’s all about how you feel

Once you have found your personal style, your confidence will rise, you will walk taller and smile more.
We all know when we look great we feel so much better about ourselves, and this, in turn, draws people to us – we all like to be around perky, confident women as that makes us feel perky and confident.  So people are drawn to you, they enjoy being with you, which naturally enhances any relationship, whether it be business, social or emotional.

Bet you didn’t know all that when you were 20 did you??

Please don’t let your age be a reason for you not to care about how you look – great style suits any age and doesn’t have to take half a day or a mortgage to achieve.  Always dress to reveal the true you and you will be wanting to skip the light fandango every day.
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