“Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it”

Diane von Furstenburg

Work with Me

I’ve never been someone who likes being put in a box, or told I MUST do this, or I SHOULDN’T do that.
My only aim is to help you look and feel amazing.  Yes, you will get loads of advice, tips and principals.  What you won’t get is a set of rigid RULES to stick to for every second of every day.  That’s not my way at all.
I get to know YOU and what makes YOU tick.

Here’s how I can help you learn to love and dress the gorgeous you that you are today.

Wardrobe Detox

If you want a more streamlined wardrobe, and to love and wear everything in it, my simple  5 Step Wardrobe Detox Programme is for you.

Colour Confidence

Wearing the colours which flatter you gives an INSTANT transformation making you look younger and fresher in a moment.

Signature Style 

If you want a complete style transformation then this is the one for you.  By the end you will know exactly what colours and shapes flatter you, how to dress to express your personality as well as learning everything from the shape and size of your accessories to what length sleeves are most flattering.

Ultimate Style

This really is the crème de la crème of all style packages.  Not only do you get EVERYTHING in the Signature Style Package, you also get the Personal Shop, Wardrobe Detox, Fabric Swatch and Zoom Call.

Personal Shop

Imagine having someone select the perfect outfits for you whenever you need them.  


Are you part of a group of fabulous women who would love to learn more about looking and feeling gorgeous?
If so, then my Styletastic Colour and Style Masterclass will be just the ticket.  


Based in gorgeous North Norfolk in England, offering online styling solutions worldwide.