How your personality influences what colours you wear

Hands up who has had their colours analysed or are thinking of doing so?

It really is a great thing to have done – not only does it help you know what colours look amazing on you for your clothes, jewellery, make-up and hair, but is the ONE thing that makes such a dramatic instant improvement to your appearance.

Your skin looks clearer, eyes look brighter, shadows and wrinkles miraculously disappear and your jaw line looks more defined.  All by wearing a different colour – it really is incredible the difference it makes.

Colour Analysis has been around for a mighty long time now, and like anything has evolved along the way.  No longer do you have to be analysed as just 1 of 4 seasons. 

The method I use goes so much deeper than that – looking at every colour characteristic of your natural colouring AND finding out its importance to your overall appearance.

BUT – there is one thing that is so often missing from Colour Consultations.  It seems some stylists and image consultants don’t take YOU into consideration when advising you on your colours.

They do the analysis and give you the swatch of the colour pattern you are.  And that’s a great starting point – but what if you don’t like those colours or will never wear them? The whole point of investing in a service like this isn’t to say “oooh, I’ve had my colours done” – it’s so that you fall back in love with getting dressed and loving how you look.  It’s about making YOU feel amazing.

I have literally lost count the amount of people who have told me that they have been told they CAN’T wear black?  Can’t?  Really?  

Now then, of course there are those who suit black better than others, after all black is a very harsh colour to wear and often isn’t the MOST flattering when worn near your face. However, who is anyone to tell someone else they CAN’T wear a colour?  Surely our job as a Personal Stylist is to help our clients feel fabulous, so if black is their favourite colour to wear, wouldn’t it therefore be more helpful to show them how THEY can wear black, rather than making them feel awful and made to feel they look like a pile of poo when they wear it.

We are gifted with the most amazing personalities – the thing that makes us “us” – so, In the name of all things gorgeous, it’s vital that your personality shines through with the colours you wear.

Some of you may have heard of your Style Personality.  I couldn’t do a Signature Style consultation WITHOUT helping my clients discover theirs. 

Certain colours and shades automatically loan themselves to certain personalities.   It’s so strange that we become who we are, and we are who we become.  

Someone with an outgoing (dramatic/ artistic) personality could love wearing Electric Pink, Bright Violet, Vivid Green etc because their express their personality, so if they were to wear griege because it is in their colour pattern – it wouldn’t express who they are and could easily suffocate their natural joie de vivre.

Equally, someone who is slightly reserved and prefers elegance to statement outfits can carry off muted and less obvious tones and wear a whole outfit in different shades of taupe and look and feel absolutely amazing and sophisticated, but put her in the bold colours of a “dramatic” and she will feel instantly out of her comfort zone.

So this is EXACTLY why when I do a colour analysis, the swatch I give a client (whether they choose a digital one to go on their phone, or a fabric one to keep in their bag), is always bespoke taking into consideration their likes, dislikes and personality.

If I didn’t then I would be taking the YOU out of colour.

With love, style & grace

Claire xx

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