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Calls via Zoom with Claire Butler.

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Zoom Call

All my services include unlimited email / messenger support, but sometimes you may just want to ask a question or have a chat face to face and that is exactly what these calls have been set up for.

These 30-minute Zoom calls are there for you to ask me anything you want regarding style.

It may be that you have had a consultation with me and want a refresher, it could be that you want to show me some clothes you have purchased and would like my opinion.

I’ve even had clients connect with me from a changing room in a boutique (do make sure there is good enough signal for this, and that you don’t mind other shoppers thinking you are talking to yourself lol)

Whatever it is you would like further help on, please don’t be shy.  Booking one of these calls as soon as you want to know something will save you time and save you money.  A quick check in from me can save you from purchasing something you don’t need or that doesn’t really flatter you.

As one of my clients said “it’s just like having your own personal stylist in your pocket”

5 calls for the price of 4


Many of my clients book these as a regular “check-in” to have a “style chat” and get further advice on any style related topic.  If you book 4 calls in one go, you get a 5th  call completely free that you can use any time up to 3 months after the last of your 4 calls

Just a quick heads up, these calls do not replace consultations.  If you would like to know what colours flatter you or the best style of clothing, then you will need to book one of my fabulous consultations which you will find under “Services”.

When you purchase an Anything Goes Zoom Call, you will receive a confirmation email with a link for a questionnaire which you need to complete and send to me, and of course we need to arrange the date.

If you have a specific date in mind you would like the call, or if it is urgent and you want the call ASAP, please do email me now and we can get a date in the diary immediately.

I can’t wait to help you further with any style question you have.