Signature Style


Learn how to create your Signature Style.


Signature Style

Learn how to create your Signature Style.

When you understand EVERY aspect of what creates your personal style…  That’s when the magic really happens.

And that’s why I’ve developed this unique ‘jigsaw’ approach – help you create your Signature Style.

Your Makeover

Ever wonder what it is that makes a piece of clothing “you”?  Or “not you”?

Do you see skirts or tops that you love on the rail or on a friend, but that lose their charm when you put them on?

This is the foundation of ALL styling.

It’s the first port of call when starting your Personal Styling Journey.

It’s called your Style Personality – the thing that makes you “you”.

Knowing the best colours and shapes to flatter you is only part of the puzzle.

Have you ever considered how you want to feel in your clothes?  Or what you want your clothes to communicate to others?

You’re in jeopardy of making very costly clothing mistakes until you can answer these question.

Get this right, and the rest will follow with ease – which will save you even more money in the long run.

Colour Confident

Learning which colours flatter you and make you look alive is life changing.

It’s not just about whether or not you look great in red or black.  It’s about understanding the balance and harmony of colour and how you use these things to your advantage.

You will also learn which shades don’t do you any favours.  As well as colours for clothes we look at colours for jewellery, accessories, make-up and hair – so that the whole outfit and your overall look all work in synergy.

Style & Shape

You will discover how to flatter your figure and wear the clothes that really look amazing on you.

It’s about understanding:

  • the shape of your silhouette
  • your scale & proportions
  • how to dress to accentuate all your gorgeous bits and disguise any area you may feel you don’t like to much.

You will discover everything from the best necklines, sleeve, trouser and skirt lengths, and shapes, even down to what shape and size handbag and jewellery are the most flattering for you.

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