A colour and style Masterclass ideal for groups, delivered everywhere via Zoom.




(Please email me to discuss your requirements)

Host a style Masterclass wherever you are.

Are you part of a group of fabulous women who would love to learn more about looking and feeling gorgeous?

If so, then my Colour and Style Masterclass will be just the ticket.

Back in the day, presentations were held in various venues.  You had to rock up and find parking.  No glass of wine because you were driving.  And you might have to get a babysitter!  The challenges were endless for getting a group together in one place on one evening.  Not to mention the current “group” restrictions we are experiencing because of Covid 19.

Book this fabulous Masterclass for your group and I will literally “zoom” in!  To each and every one of your attendees living room / study / kitchen / conservatory or wherever they wish to watch it.  (By golly they could even be on a beach with a cocktail!).  They can sit back and relax for a couple of hours and enjoy this fun, informative & interactive LIVE presentation with yours truly.

Book Your Workshop

Arrange for me to deliver this Masterclass, and you and your group will learn

  • Why Image Matters
  • The difference wearing the right colours of clothes, make up and accessories can make
  • How to identify your skin-tone, and the colours that will work best for you
  • Why accentuating the bits of your figure you love (and disguising the bits you don’t like so much) can instantly make you look at least a dress size smaller

As well as teaching you all the above, I also have a  Q & A session at the end of the Masterclass where attendees can ask their own style questions.

Should your attendees wish to, they can message me before hand  with a question which I will answer during the Masterclass.

So next time you want a speaker for your group, or just want to plan a get together with a few ladies, this is perfect for you, there are tips and advice throughout that your attendees can put into practice IMMEDIATELY.
I will also offer a very special discount to any of your attendees who would like to work with me on a 1 to 1 following the Masterclass.