Fabric Swatch


A completely bespoke fabric swatch containing your best colours.


Fabric Swatch

A completely bespoke booklet containing your best colours.

Compact & Stylish

The fabric swatch is very stylish and small enough to fit in your handbag.  The perfect companion for hitting the shops or clearing out your wardrobe.

You have had your colours analysed and now you obviously want to put into practice everything you have learnt.  You invested in the analysis because you want (and deserve) to look your best at all times, and also you want to make shopping and organising your wardrobe as easy as possible.

You know what colours suit you and will have been given the digital swatch from me to know all the colours in your palette.
The digital swatch is great to keep on your phone and your computer and absolutely does the trick of helping you find the colours that flatter your most.

However, nothing beats the feeling of receiving your own fabric swatch.  To actually see the colours on fabric rather than a photo can make a big difference.

Individual like you

Most stylists offer fabric swatches which are ready made by the supplier, and therefore everyone who has the same colour pattern will receive the exact same swatch.

Not with me, my lovely.  You will know by now that I am most certainly not one to fit into a one size fits all box, and I refuse to put my clients into one size fits all boxes too.

You are an individual, and your swatch should be too

You will be drawn to a lot of the shades in your colour pattern already because your instincts and natural colouring are already aligned, but there will be some you are drawn to more than others, and because you are an individual there will be shades that, regardless of them being in your colour pattern, you just would never wear.

Why waste space in the swatch with colours you just don’t like?

Why have 7 shades of brown in your swatch, for example, if you are highly unlikely to ever wear brown?
Those spaces in the swatch can be used for different shades of colours you will LOVE wearing.

This fabric swatch is BESPOKE to you, your tastes, your personality and your lifestyle.


What you get

A compact stylish wallet with 36 bespoke fabric swatches in your favourite shades of your colour pattern

Once you have purchased, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to download a questionnaire for you to complete and send to me to enable me to make your perfect swatch.

Once I have received the completed questionnaire, I will create your BESPOKE swatch from the information you provide, and post it to you within 7 days.

You will also receive clear instructions on how to use your swatch (you will be amazed how many people have their colours analysed and are never shown how to use the swatch properly and effectively.  Big clue – you DO NOT have to exactly match the colours.

This swatch is the perfect addition to ANYONE who has had their colours analysed by myself or any other stylist.