Personal Shopping

“Buy less, choose well.”

Vivienne Westwood

For many women, clothes shopping can be angst-ridden and daunting and can create overwhelm which at best leads to frustration and at worst you can end up with impulse purchases which you never wear or even really like, wasting your hard e-arned cash.

Free time is precious to all of us, and perhaps the thought of spending your valuable “you” time traipsing round the shops fills you with dread, rather than it being the fun experience it’s hyped to be.

It can lead to you feeling exhausted, confused and down-right fed up.

Fear not – I am here to help you.

We will have already discovered the perfect colours and shapes that suit you and your personality and now I make sure your clothes are right for your lifestyle and that you get what you want for your budget.

Whether you want a whole new capsule wardrobe, a few pieces to complete your existing wardrobe or an outfit for a special occasion I will do it all for you.

After discussing your needs, and you completing a detailed questionnaire, I trawl the internet and select everything for you.  I create a digital “look book” for you showing the items put together as outfits, and all you have to do is click and order the items you like.

You don’t even have to leave your armchair, and can even have a glass of wine to accompany you, and just wait for your gorgeous new clothes to arrive.

personal shop

Personal Shop

All one to one services are bespoke, please contact me and let me know what you would like to achieve.


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