Makeover – your complete MOT

Dress for shaped body shapeAll of Claire’s consultations and services are available individually – but for the maximum effect, we recommend booking a ‘Complete Makeover’, which covers every aspect – from body shape to colour analysis, style consultation to creating your capsule wardrobe.

The aim of Claire’s Complete Makeover’ is to get you feeling gorgeous all the time and feeling well-equipped to feel confident in any situation.

What’s included:

Getting started
Personal Image Audit & Wardrobe Personality Consultation – 1hr

Deluxe Colour Confidence Package
Discover the shades that suit you and eliminate the ones that don’t – includes a fabric swatch that you can use when shopping – 2hrs

Deluxe Style Confidence Package
Putting together your very own style bible, finding the most flattering shapes and cuts for you – 2hrs

Wardrobe Overhaul
Get that wardrobe sorted! Time to ditch the clothes you’ll never wear and compile your own personal shopping list that will get you closer to creating your perfect capsule wardrobe – 3hrs

Personal Shopping
Taking everything we’ve learn about your colour, style and shape – and letting loose on the high street to find the perfect pieces to complete your wardrobe – 2hrs


Makeover 1Makeover 2Makeover 3Makeover 4

If you have any questions or would like to know more about booking your Complete Makeover, get in touch with Claire at