Kind Words

“Kindness is a passport that opens doors and fashions friends.”

Joseph B. Wirthlin


Kind words from past clients

I can’t say enough how much Claire has helped me. She is a style magician – you should contact her as soon as you can. She has really made such a difference to me and I know she can do the same for anyone that is just not loving their wardrobe. She is still in touch with me now, helping and guiding me.

I would thoroughly recommend these Masterclasses as a team building exercise or as a reward. It didn’t matter that we were not in the same room, as she bought a great buzz and energy to the screen and was able to present her knowledge and understanding of style in a fun and interesting way. A huge hit with me and the team, Thanks Claire.

BBC Look East used Claire Butler to advise presenters on the best colours for them to wear and the most flattering shape for their jewellery and clothes.

I must say it’s brilliant to finally know what to look for when I go shopping! I can discard loads of clothes because they’re not ‘right’ and concentrate on buying the best shapes and colours for me. Claire’s also really approachable and passionate and a lovely person to boot.

Claire has helped me several times over the years.. what I never expected was the added confidence boost I got when I wore the clothes that suited me, I knew I looked good and that in turn made me feel good.

Thank you for making feel good, look good and the added confidence…

What a great girl. Fun, knows her stuff, loves her work, and gives a really clear understanding of the colours and styles that will suit you best. The results are amazing! Thank you.

Thank you again, this was an investment that was truly worth making, and I would urge everyone to seek out your help – even those of us who ‘think’ we’ve got it right will clearly benefit from your service!

I am so pleased I invested in your help. It made it easier to choose the right wedding dress, and saved me from making an expensive mistake!

Thank you for the wonderful style and colour analysis last week.  Learning about the different styles and colours which suit me was extremely enlightening and your approach was warm, friendly and knowledgeable.

My younger sister asked me to  be Matron of Honour she said – yikes I said.  I knew at once that I needed assistance – I called Claire. Help! I said

Claire  put my mind at rest straight away and by assessing what colour and style would suit us best she was able to help me achieve an outfit that I felt really confident in – even down to my underwear!

Claire’s advice and guidance was completely invaluable – it made such a difference, and so much cheaper than plastic surgery!

I have had the pleasure of seeing Claire give presentations to groups, in person and via Zoom, on a number of occasions. She is a confident and entertaining speaker, who is clearly hugely enthusiastic about her work and speaks knowledgeably about fashion and image. I would be happy to recommend Claire with confidence.

It is surprising how super confident you can feel just by what you wear – it definitely does for me. I absolutely love feeling stylish and the speed I can do it in now!

You’re actually very good at what you do, you know!
I am rarely as impressed as I was with your enthusiasm, expertise and empathy.

Do it!
If you think of the money you spend on clothes that may end up in the back of your wardrobe then this investment is really worth it. The time saved getting ready in the morning and that feeling of super confidence is actually priceless.

For my 60th birthday my daughter organised a complete style and colour consultation with Claire Butler.

 It was  positively life-changing!

 Itʼs quite dramatic the difference colour makes in creating shadows on your face and adding, or taking away, years.

 The life-changing part is that I can now go into any shop and see immediately if there are clothes that suit me. It is truly liberating.

I only wish that I had this consultation done years ago – when I think of how much money I would’ve saved from buying clothes that just didn’t suit me and sat on hangers for years it would’ve paid for the consultation many times over.

I have since used Claire’s Personal Shopping service to find me the perfect outfit for different occasions.  The time and energy it saves is unbelievable.

I cannot recommend Claire highly enough. 

I had my style and colour’s done a few years back with Claire and  have had the shopping experience and done  the wardrobe detox.

The difference it has made is vast, I spend less on clothes and when I buy things I actually like them and wear them!

Want to feel good, look great and spend wisely then ask Claire for help…you won’t look back!!

I was lucky enough to be gifted both a colour consultation and a style consultation with Claire for my birthday.  I have to tell you , this is  the gift that keeps on giving!

Before seeing Claire I was not certain which colours suit me most and I lacked the confidence to walk out wearing some colours.  I found Claire warm and encouraging, yet very knowledgeable and professional.  Now I am happy to step out in shades of orange and red, knowing that they complement my natural colouring and make me glow!  I love my bespoke Fabric swatch too – that was my birthday gift to myself.

I am now much more confident about choosing colours and styles for the right occasion – at work and outside it- and I find shopping much quicker and easier now that I know what I should be looking at.   In the future, I bookClaire again for personal shopping, major purchases or an outfit for a special event.

I would recommend Claire to anyone who wants to gain more knowledge and confidence in what makes them look and feel great and what is appropriate for their life and work.

Go on, what are you waiting for?

I couldn’t believe the difference it made!  Everyone at the wedding complimented me on my outfit  but it wouldn’t have been so successful if I hadn’t come to you first.  I will certainly recommend you to all my family and friends.

The online Personal Shop Claire did for me has really given me so much confidence. I couldn’t believe that Claire could a) pick items for me that suited me without me trying them on and b) I would try them all on and they would look amazing! I can’t wait for my next one

Claire is highly skilled at her job – yet she is incredibly personable and approachable – she is like a pleasant version of Trinny /Susannah!  More Gok Wan than Gok himself.

She listens and interprets and gives sensible realistic advice, which is neither patronising nor degrading! I would have no hesitation in recommending Claire- a session with her transformed my view of my clothes and how I could wear them all- even Black!!!”

The highlight of the session was when I saw my whole colour palette around me.   I felt overwhelmed with excitment at seeing all these new colours that suited me, and immediately felt comfortable with them.

I’ve had so many compliments from friends since I had my consultation, saying they have really noticed a difference.  I’d love to keep it a mystery, but I think it’s only fair that I give them Claire’s details as I know she will make them feel as good about themselves as I now do about myself.

Claire is so easy to get on with – she is a natural people person.
The on line calls were really relaxed and provided plenty of time to have a giggle.  It felt no different to being in the same room together.  The sessions were really straightforward to join and helpfully Claire recorded the sessions and sent me my “Style Bible” with all my advice and recommendations. She give so much information, being able to refer back to it is brilliant.

I simply love Claire’s Personal Shopping Service.  No pick up, try on, indecision. No buy and take back, or buy, hang up and never wear again. It was a revelation.

I feel quite different.  My confidence has been boosted way beyond my expectations ..The advice from the colour and style consultation has made me a new person.

When you reach your mid-forties you don’t think you need to learn any more about improving your image but this consultation blew that perception right out of the water.  Thanks Claire!

I wanted to take this opportunity to say what a pleasure it has been working with you  on both a personal and professional level.

I have always liked your approachable, adaptable, fun and reliable personality and found you to be a professional who takes pride in every aspect of your business.


Just the other day I met a friend of mine and she said OMG you look amazing! I had to confess I had received help! I had one of my new outfits on! It was such a great feeling and huge credit to Claire.


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