We all need support and there are so many different options available to us – Friends &  Family, Coaches &Counsellors, Groups, Social media– you name it – it’s out there.  But we are forgetting one VERY important support system – the humble BRA

/ bra ː/


  1. an undergarment worn by women to SUPPORT the breasts.

Of course this is not a new item – but are you wearing yours correctly, or just putting it on hoping it will do it’s job for you?

By wearing the correct size you can instantly transform how you look. When your boobs are where they should be, and not  nudging your waistband – you will look instantly slimmer with a longer, leaner torso – and what’s not to love about that?

Follow these TOPS TIPS and you will feel uplifted and  bouncing with confidence in no time.


Do you know what the 3 sets of hooks are for at the back of your bra. Yes they are to fasten it, but why 3?

Well… when you first purchase your bra it should fit snugly all around you and should do it up on the loosest (outermost) set of hooks.

After 10 washes or so the fabric has given slightly (maybe sooner if you don’t hand wash), and so move to the middle set of hooks.

After 25+ washes it’s time to move to the innermost set of hooks. Once it is too loose on this set of hooks, it is time to say “bye bye” to your beloved friend, thank it for it’s support and replace it with a new one.


Pop your thumb under your strap on the shoulder – just like our gal in the main pic. If you can lift higher than an inch then they are way too loose and giving no support at all so are about as good as a chocolate teapot in a heatwave.
One lady I did this with actually lifted her strap higher than her ears!!  There was enough loose elastic there to catapult someone to Australia!

So if this is you – tighten the straps – it will support the breasts so much better and also stop those pesky moments of having to rummage under your top to pull the straps back up.  If your straps constantly slip, it’s an indication that the band is too big …


Now I know as we get older we all like a bit of comfort, but sweeties, this band isn’t going to support what nature gave you if it is swinging around your rib cage is it?
Here’s the thing – it needs to be snug – not tight – but snug.  However, because so many women are wearing the band sooo loose it might as well be floating around our torso (and who likes a floater??), a band that fits properly is supposed to feel snug – it has a blumming powerful supporting role to undertake and it wants to let you know it’s there doing it’s job.
So yes, when it fits properly you may well feel it more than you did before (which is hardly surprising), but it shouldn’t be tight and make you uncomfortable.  Take a few days to get used to it.

Any easy way to tell if your band is too tight is if you an fit more than a flat palm down the back (and I’m not talking the set of Club Tropicana here).
Take your hand and slide it up the back underneath the band.  If it fits snug its ok – but if you can pull backwards and fit a whole grove of palm trees down there, it’s time to get measured.



They need to encase you nicely – not have boobage spilling out every which way. You know what I mean – when the bra cup is so obviously too small and divides the breast in 2.  This double-boob look is not only a style “boob”, but also a health one as well.  All the breast tissue should be in the cup. No spillage required thank you!





Book a bra fitting

Have you ever been measured for a bra or just bought one you think should fit you?  It’s very likely you are  wearing the wrong size!!

It’s likely you will need a smaller band and a larger cup.
I had been wearing a 34B and came out with the new measurement of 28DD!!.  Meaning I had a narrower back and fuller boobs than I thought.  I went to my local Bravissimo for a fitting.  Initially I thought it only catered  for “buxom babes” – but they will measure everyone.  If for some reason they don’t have the right bra for you, they will recommend one.

Ideally you need to be measured once a year (more if you lose or gain weight) and you need to TRY THE BRA ON!!  It’s like any other garment you might buy.  Different brands come up a different fit.

Of course, other places do offer measuring services too.   Just be mindful that if they put a tape measure around you over your winter woolies, it’s unlikely they will get the right size bra for you.  Also some stores will only measure for their own brand bras.



I hope these tips have helped you. I don’t measure bras for a living, but I do is help women look and feel amazing and reveal their true authentic selves.

If you would like to know how I can help you, or if you have any questions at all, do email me at hello@clairebutler.co.uk and I will get right back to you.