Claire’s Image Consultancy Services

Colour Confidence – everyone can wear every colour, but getting the SHADE right and you will look instantly younger, your eyes brighter, your skin clearer, and your jawline more defined.  Without surgery or chemicals and in just 2 hours!

Style Confidence – you can appear taller, shorter, slimmer or curvier just with the clothes you wear – no diets, no stretching machines and no 360-degree mirrors or stripping down to your undies

Wardrobe Overhaul – not only will I be your conscience and help you get rid of those items that really do nothing for you, but you will learn how to make new outfits out of existing clothes – injecting life back into some of those poor items which have been shoved to the back of the wardrobe

Personal Shopping – having identified the few missing items that are needed to bring your whole wardrobe together, I will accompany you on a personal shopping trip.  I will find the clothes in the most flattering colours and shapes that suit your personality, your lifestyle and your budget.  And you can sit in the changing room while I bring them all to you

Your Complete MOT – This isn’t any ordinary treat, this is YOUR treat!  Colour and style confidence, wardrobe overhaul AND personal shopping .  You will feel like a new woman.  You can even add in a new hair do and a make-up lesson.  Now what’s going on top of your Christmas list?

Putting the Yummy into Mummy – so you have just done the most amazing thing and brought this little bundle into the world – but might not always feeling as amazing about yourself.  You want clothes which fit into your new lifestyle, which flatter your new shape, are comfortable to move in (and kneel in) and which are machine washable !!!  Take some time for you to find the colours which make you look less exhausted, the shapes which are most flattering to you, a capsule wardrobe for quick , stylish and practical outfits for different occasions .

Working Wardrobe –Do you want to retain your own personality and style while still looking professional? Have you a job interview coming up where you know making the right first impression is vital and can give you a head start over the other candidates?  Perhaps you are ready to move to a more senior position and your clothes need to reflect your new authority whilst still making you approachable.  Your work outfits are probably the most worn and most important in your wardrobe, yet are often the ones least thought about. Be confident in YOUR work style

Revision time – If we have previously worked together, this session can be used for revision of your choice.  You may want a quick refresher or have some advice on putting together some new outfits, or you may have had a career or lifestyle change.  You may simply just want to see you are doing things “right”. Book revision time by the hour for quick and easy updates

On-line consultations – you may have always wanted a colour or style consultation but a) don’t have the time,b) might not really want to go and see anybody or c) might not currently have the budget for a 1-to-1 consultation. Problem solved – for colour or bodyshape consultations, just email me a photo (see details) and I will send you back a colour swatch and a personalised style bible

Bridal Services – get help finding the perfect shape, style and shade for your wedding dress. Claire is here to offer advice on finding the perfect wedding dress, as well as a wedding dress personal shopping service – to make sure that you feel absolutely gorgeous on your big day.

Presentations and workshops – Are you looking for an original idea to entertain your clients or social group? Or maybe you want to reward your staff with a pampering evening.  From corporate presentations and workshops to seasonal trend updates, from confidence building to charity fundraisers – all events are tailored specifically to your needs.

Gifts – do you want an original and thoughtful gift for someone special?  Any of the above services can be tailored to a unique gift package to suit the recipient and your budget.  You may want an incentive to motivate your staff, a client treat, or simply a really unique way of rewarding a team for a job well done, how about a completely unique Personal Styling Experience? Purchase by experience or by amount – the choice is yours.  You may want someone to treat you so highlight this page and send them my way …..