Have you ever considered that your wardrobe is more than just a collection of clothes? Your clothing choices have a remarkable influence on both your business and your Personal brand?

That’s where your Signature Style comes in.

Reveal the identity of your business through your clothes

Your business is as unique as you are.  It may be in the same industry or niche as others, but it is unique because it is YOURS.

It should therefore make sense that there has to be a huge amount of YOU in your business.  Think of the dream clients you want to attract.  More often than not, they will have many things in common with you.  Afterall, it is a known fact that we are pretty much our own ideal client.
Imagine translating that vibe directly into your wardrobe. Your attire becomes the visual storyteller of your business, a direct extension of you. Whether your brand screams innovation, reliability, or creativity, your audience need to immediately get that when they see you or your brand anywhere.

If your brand is all about innovation and cutting-edge ideas, your clothing should reflect that. Bold colours, modern cuts, and avant-garde accessories will immediately resonate.
On the other hand, if you want your brand to shout reliability, although the innovative style could still attract some of your ideal clients, it doesn’t give the message of trustworthiness that classic styles, softer tones and timeless accessories would.

So ask yourself this question – is your business aligned to the authentic you? And are you doing all you can to show your audience who that authentic you is?


Signature Style: Beyond Words

Ever noticed those individuals whose style is unmistakably them that you could spot them in a crowded room? That’s the magic of a signature style. It’s more than just clothes; it’s about those consistent elements that define you.

It could be it a particular colour, or a signature accessory, but more often than not it is a  a vibe that screams ‘you’ .  When you get this right your audience will instantly recognise your unique brand personality through your distinctive style, and automatically be drawn to you as a person they want to work with.  They get you, and by getting you they know you will get them too, therefore building immediate trust.

Your signature style is about creating a visual language that speaks volumes about your brand without uttering a word. Imagine a scenario: someone sees a pop of vibrant red in your ensemble, and instantly, they connect it to your brand’s bold and energetic identity.

Consider a successful female entrepreneur in the tech industry. Her signature style might involve sleek, modern silhouettes, reflecting her innovative approach. The choice of statement accessories or a particular hairstyle becomes part of her visual brand.  Whereas if she were to wear leggings and a tunic everywhere, even though she has the same knowledge, her visual branding is hugely diluted.



Your Signature Style is Your Most Powerful Marketing Tool

Your clothes are not just garments; they are strategic tools in shaping your business. When someone sees you, whether a photo on social media or on your website, or in person on a Zoom call, when you tell them what you do, you want them to immediately feel comfortable with that.

If they think “ooh I would never had said that you did that”, then there is a  visual disconnect.

You may be thinking “I shouldn’t be judged on what I wear”.  In an ideal world, no you shouldn’t – but the fact of the matter is that we are judged on the first impression we make.  Never more so than in the super fast visual world we are now in.

So why wouldn’t you want to give yourself and your business the absolute best chance you can?  You have probably spent oodles of time and money on creating a logo and your website, deciding on the right fonts and colours.  How long do you spend on your personal branding and the image you portray?

But before you think I am asking each and every one of you to go and buy business suits, that really couldn’t be further from the truth.  My goal is to help as many women feel amazing, and your attire influences not only how you’re perceived but also how you perceive yourself.
Dressing for the role you want to play is a powerful mindset tool. Remember when you were a child playing dress-up?  There was no doubt whatsoever in your mind that you were the character you dressed as.
So do the same now – put on clothes that make you feel successful and confident and that is how you will come across.

If you would like some help discovering how to dress as your authentic self, you might like to learn about your Personal Branding Identity. Take my FREE quiz and get your report now.

Until next time, stay fabulous xxx