What if you love the Autumn (or Fall) colours but have a cool skin tone (like me).  Here are my top tips for how to dress for Autumn if you have cool colouring.

The leaves are turning and the air is getting crisp.   Autumn is the most gorgeous time of year with the most stunning colours.
It makes you want to get all snuggly in jumpers and scarves and go for long walks kicking leaves doesn’t it? Every year all the beautiful autumnal shades are in the shops for clothes, but these are all warm rich colours.

Those rich yellow based colours make me look decidedly unwell, so here are my top tips for  How to dress for Autumn if you have a Cool skin tone

I have what would be known as a Bright Winter palette, so I need to wear dark colours which are blue based, but there MUST be some vibrancy there.

So how on earth can I get all snuggly and autumnal in colours that suit me?

There are a few key things to consider.  read on for How to dress for Autumn if you have a cool skin tone.


Autumn outfit in Cool colouring

Keep the colours cool / blue based

Earthy mustards and soft oranges do absolutely nothing for me – I love them but they most certainly do not like me

So my best colours for Autumn are rich berry colours like mulberry and plum

I can pair them with pinks and reds and deep Forest Green

For accessories such as shoes and bags, tans and browns are a go to at this time of year, but for us “cool” chicks, they really are not the best.  Burgundy can be a great alternative to black and will adds some personality to the outfit too 


Add vibrancy to the mix


Those who suit muted tones are on to a winner when it comes to dressing for Autumn, but when you have clear bright colouring like mine, I need to make sure the colours aren’t too soft for me. 

So I always need to add in something vivid, such as a bright necklace or add contrast with some white. 

(Note how the bright necklace, and colourful stripes on the arms of the jumper really lift it?)


burgundy jumper with pink and orange stripe down the arm

Does it give you the “feels”?

It’s the feel of the clothes that make them so luxurious and snug at this time of year, so by choosing texture such as velvet, corduroy, faux fur, or soft knits will straight away bring the cosiness into the outfit which by its very nature is perfect for this time of year.

Burfundy trousers bag and boots

Where you wear it

Sometimes you may just love an autumnal shade so much that you want to still wear it. 
That’s ok too.  Just make sure it is as far away from your face as possible and that the colours closest to your face are cool.

You may choose to have the autumnal shade just as an accessory like a bag or even a pair of boots/shoes.
This being said, most of us with cool skin tones naturally veer away from these rich colours, so I’m not suggesting they are the best colourway for you – but wanted to show you  HOW To wear them if you absolutely want to get that Autumnal feel.

Make Up 

Don’t forget that your makeup will be the closest colour to your face, so that too needs to be kept in the cool shades which flatter your skin tone, don’t be tempted to start wearing russets and creams and golds just because these are the colours in nature.  Keep your makeup cool (you can still wear brown shades – just make sure they are cool browns and not warm rich ones, and ivory looks better than cream (colour) on the lid as that can look too yellow.  Bobbi Brown do an amazing range of “neutral” eyeshadows so you will be sure to find a cool shade there you love.  

Lipsticks – plum, purples and deep reds are great for this time of year too for a cool skin tone

Bobbi Brown Stonewash Nude Eyeshadow

To know whether you have a warm or cool skin tone, and your whole colour palette, I advise you have a  full colour analysis with an expert, but if you want to embrace the season and the usual autumnal shades make you look and feel sickly and drab quicker than a leaf falling from the tree,
then I hope these tips for how to dress in Autumn with a cool skin tone have given you some inspiration.