Dressing for your body shape is all about vertical and horizontal rules. If you want to give the illusion of height and length or divert attention from anything, go with vertical emphasis. Horizontal emphasis draws attention– so is a great tool for accentuating the bits you want to draw the eye to and creating the illusion of width – for example making slim hips look curvier.

In her style consultations, Claire goes a step beyond Body Shape – once you’ve identified your primary shape, it’s time to look at individual figure characteristics. Everyone will have different features and finding the ones that you can really show off will be a great confidence boost.

Dressing for your shape isn’t just about buying the right sized clothes, it’s about the line and the cut of any item you buy.

Claire also takes your build into account – everything from detail on clothes to jewellery, it’s about fitting each bit of the puzzle together to create a stunning impression.

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