Are you a Louise, Grace or Sophia?

You’ve probably seen countless names for Body shapes. It’s all well and good giving your shape a name of a fruit or a household object (I mean really – do you like being referred to as an inverted tangerine or a fluted vase??), but what does it truly mean and how can it actually help you?

A lot of women confuse SHAPE of their body with their dress size. Let’s get this clear now – your body shape will remain the same whether you are a size 6 or 26. Your slim bits will always be your slim bits and your fuller bits will always be fuller. It’s your SHAPE.

So regardless of weight/size your body shape is based on your silhouette. Your outline if you will. Once that is defined THEN we can address individual characteristics.

Are you ready to once and for all define your body SHAPE? To really learn WHY your shape has this “name”? To finally stop defining yourself as a piece of fruit or household object? To me it makes sense to relate your body shape to a gorgeous female who has the same as you. With my love of all things vintage and Hollywood glamour, and with such perfect examples of the body shapes – I define mine as Katherine (Hepburn), Grace (Kelly) and Sophia (Loren).

Take this quiz NOW and learn which are YOUR best bits.