How To Join The Private Facebook Group and Weekly Zoom Call

Hey lovely

You can request to join the closed Facebook Support Group here:

The Facebook Support Group is exactly what it says on the tin, I am there to hold your hand through the process, and in turn each member is there to give support as well as get it. 

You can post in the group as little or as often as you wish, but I highly recommend you use it whenever you are stuck and need some help or advice. Whilst I can’t promise to see every post immediately, I do check clients’ posts twice a day (around 11am and 4pm UK Time), and I always do my best to reply to posts as soon as I see them. 

I very much prefer that you use the group instead of private messages, that way each member can benefit from my answer. 

As a busy working mum, I value family time and my weekends with my family are precious, therefore I will not be answering any questions that are posted outside UK office hours or over the weekends. 

Group dynamic is a powerful thing and having a group of like-minded people pulling in the same direction is really powerful. Please remember everyone is in the same boat – to get the most out of the program they have invested in, so please be respectful of any questions asked.

I politely remind you this is not a place to promote your own business


These are currently: 

Tuesday 5pm UK Time
Friday 9.30am UK Time 
These calls are Q&A style where you can ask any questions you may have. Zoom link to this:

If you are on a different timezone please find your call time here:

If you can’t make it live, don’t worry!!!!

You can ask me questions inside our Facebook support group, post by midday of the day of the call and I will answer your question LIVE in the call.. But please do your best to make it live — I can tell you by experience it will give you the kick up the behind that so many of us need! 

I use Zoom, which you can download for free. 
Call Links will be posted in the Facebook group on the day of the call. 
Recordings of Live Q &A’s will be saved in the Membership Site

I know these will be an invaluable resources for you. 
Make the most of it! 

With love & gorgeousness

Claire xx

PS:  These are a few guidelines and Terms and Conditions I have to mention: 

1. Our community group is only for paid members who are in good standing.

2. We don’t control Facebook. If Facebook decide to change their policies, or they choose to charge members of Facebook or Facebook groups, there’s nothing “Claire Butler – The Style Expert” can do about it. This may result in the limiting or removal of our ability to keep the Facebook group open. We therefore reserve the right to eliminate the Facebook group entirely.

3. While the Facebook group is a support community, it is not the place to go looking for mental health support or therapy. We can’t give psychological counselling. Any opinions, ideas, advice, or other contributions made by members of the community are those of the author. This means that you are relying on such information at your own risk. Don’t solely rely on advice or opinions given in the group. Use them as pointers, and either do your own outside research or seek professional advice. 

4. We want this to be an amazing experience for you. But if you make a mistake, if you slip up, or break the group rules, we might remove your post without notice. If your post is inappropriate, self-promotional, goes against the teaching within our course, unethical, hurtful, sexist, racist, or at all inappropriate, we reserve the right to remove it immediately. Again, this is because we want this to be an incredible community and everyone to thrive. We might contact you directly to let you know that you’ve violated our terms. If the issue becomes serious, “Claire Butler – The Style Expert” may pass the matter on to a lawyer. This could lead to your access to the course being completely removed.