• What timezone does the program follow?  
    We follow GMT (London, UK) timezone.  Please bear in mind our clocks go forward an hour in the Spring and back an hour in Autumn

  • I missed the call this week. Is it possible to be sent a replay?
    If you missed the Q&A, you can access the replay in the Guides section of the Facebook Group

  • Can everyone join the Facebook Support Group and Live Calls?   
    The Facebook Support Group and the Live Q&A Calls are only for those who have enrolled in a package that includes help and support. 

    If you have purchased the Self-Study Only Package and would like to upgrade to get help and support EMAIL me here

  • Does buying the program mean I have lifetime access?  
    You have lifetime access to the course itsef (this platform of video lessons).
    By lifetime access, we mean you will be able to access this course for as long as it exists.
    Access to the Facebook support group and the Zoom calls, however, is only for the time that you purchased the support package for (ie 90 days from the day you join). 

  • What is the refund policy?  
    No refunds – Click here to go over the Terms and Conditions you agreed to when you joined.