Best Practice Tips

Hey there…

I don’t know about you, but in the past, I have certainly been guilty of signing up to courses and not getting the very best out of the experience because I wasn’t fully present, didn’t complete the action steps or doubted myself and ended up giving up…  

I do not want this to happen to you!  

My greatest wish is for you to have a fantastic experience, soak in all the information, implement it and get amazing results. Nothing would make me happier than seeing you use all my knowledge and experience to your best advantage.

In order for that to happen, you have to commit to taking consistent action. Despite what many “gurus” might want you to believe, THERE IS NO MAGIC FORMULA to success. There are no shortcuts or industry “secrets” that only a few lucky ones are aware of. The only thing that truly gets results is a mixture of
– Drive / Goal Setting
– Hard Work / Implementation
– Consistency / Persistence

This is true in every area of your life!
You know, if running is hard, run more! 

To help you achieve great results through this course, I’ve established some guidelines that I would like you to commit to:  

– Attend the weekly accountability calls live, wherever possible – show up on time, be present, ask questions.
– Be active in the Facebook Support Group, share your goals and welcome any new members as they join.
– Complete all the modules. I don’t care if it takes a year but complete them!
– Start before you feel 100% ready.
– Implement something daily!
– Be consistent. A 5% improvement every day adds up to great things. 

Will you commit to the above? 
Because that’s the only way you’ll get results! 

With love & gorgeousness

Claire xx