Colour Confidence

“The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you”

Coco Chanel

Sometimes all you want to know is what colours flatter you best.  You may not want to know what shapes suit your figure or the styles that express your personality.  And that’s ok.  Colour is a great starting point and will make an INSTANT difference to your appearance.

Look Stylish and ‘Put Together’

Wearing colours that flatter you and coordinate perfectly always make you look stylish.

Look Instantly Younger

Shadows and blemishes magically disappear.
Lines and wrinkles diminish, like an instant face lift.
Your eyes look brighter.
Your jawline looks more defined.

Increase Your Confidence

Fall back in love with your clothes.
Know which colours make you look incredible.
Choose them for your clothes, jewellery, make-up & hair.
No longer trawl through clothes you know don’t suit you.

Save Time & Money

Only buy clothes you know look great on you
No more ‘mistake’ purchases
All your clothes will work together
You’ll buy fewer clothes
Spend less time deciding what to wear each day
Enjoy shopping again

Accurate Analysis

Unlike cheaper options, this is NOT an automated analysis or one where you don’t receive any help or support afterwards.
You complete a questionnaire and send me photos, and I personally analyse them using the most up to date technology that gives you results that are as accurate as if you see me in person, resulting in your gorgeous personal colour palette.  You get support before, during and after the consultation.

How It Works

Using video via Zoom, I will go through the analysis with you – explaining how I arrived at the results and highlighting:


  • Your best neutrals (the backbone of your wardrobe)
  • Your best accent colours
  • How to wear colours which may not be ideal for you but that you love
  • How to combine colours together
  • How to use your digital swatch to make finding your colours so easy (and no – you don’t need to match the colours on your swatch – it’s way easier than that).

What’s Included

  • 1 hour Zoom call with me showing you the colours which look great on you and those that don’t, and a chance to ask me any questions
    (if you prefer not to meet on Zoom, that’s fine, I can make a recording and send it to you and you can still ask any questions by email).
  • A recording of the Zoom call for you to refer to at any time
  • A detailed “Style Bible” PDF report detailing all the information we discuss online
  • A digital swatch to keep on your phone or laptop for easy access when shopping or putting outfits together from your own wardrobe
  • Email support (if needed) on submitting the pre-consultation information required
  • 1-month email support AFTER the consultation to ask any further questions and get help with putting it into practice
  • Option to purchase a bespoke FABRIC swatch at a discounted price

Colour Confidence

All one to one services are bespoke, please contact me and let me know what you would like to achieve.


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