Love them or loathe them, there is no escaping  it’s that time to start choosing a  Christmas jumper. 

They were never even a “thing” when I was growing up.  I mean, we all groaned in embarrassment for Mark Darcy when he sported his reindeer wooly-pully in Bridget Jones.  Since then, they are everywhere,  and we even have an Annual  “Wear Your Christmas Jumper” day (albeit for a very good cause).


Mark Darcy from Bridget Jones wearing a Christmas Jumper

I vowed I would never wear one, but if like me children or work have persuaded you otherwise, or if you just love the joy of all things Christmas, here is my quick guide to Choosing A Christmas Jumper.


Let’s face it, they are pretty much going to be Red, Green or White aren’t they?
And as the whole idea of wearing them is supposed to be fun.  But if you do want to follow your colour pattern when choosing a Christmas Jumper here’s a quick rule of thumb:

If you have a COOL skintone avoid rusty brick reds and yellowy greens.  White will suit you much more than cream.

If you have a WARM skintone apply the opposite to the above, and avoid emerald and blue-based greens, raspberry reds and pure white.


White jumper with Gin Bottles
Cream Christmas Jumper with Penguin

White looks better on a cool skintone (ignore the colour of the models hair)

Cream is more flattering on a warm skintone.


When choosing a Christmas jumper, this is probably the biggest influencer.  You want to make sure you still feel like you in whatever you are wearing.
Dramatics are likely to go for big and bold, or overtly cheeky, whereas a Classic will prefer to be understated and elegant.
A Natural will probably not really mind too much but would want to avoid anything sparkly, whereas a Romantic will opt for sequins, bows, and if possible a puffed shoulder.  A Euro-chic would really rather not wear one at all, but if she had to then it would be of great quality and a bit edgy, without being overt.


Black jumper wtih Christmas puddings on chest
Fairisle Christmas Jumper
Support the Claus pink Christmas Jumper
Vintage red Christmascardigan with kitten and holly


Certain shapes and characteristics of the jumper may suit you more than others:

V neck black Christmas jumper

If you have a larger bust then choosing a Christmas jumper with a v neck or lower neck line will be more flattering for you.  

This tunic-style top will be flattering for you if you want to disguise a tummy.  An all-over pattern makes the eyes move around, therefore not focussing on one place.  The fit and flare style suits those who might prefer to wear leggings and cover their thighs and bottom.

Black swing tunic with christmas motives

If you are menopausal then just the very thought of a jumper on Christmas day while in the kitchen may be enough to bring you out in a flush.  If this is you – opt for something lighter and cooler and made of cotton.  You can still be festive.  This long sleeve T-shirt or Reindeer blouse will probably be more comfortable for you.


Reindeer Christmas shirt
Striped Long Sleeve T Shirt with Reindeer motif


If the above hasn’t inspired you into Choosing a Christmas jumper, it may just be they are not for you.  But that doesn’t stop you adding a bit of Christmas cheer to your outfit. 
I absolutely love this little detachable collar  that you can add to any jumper, cardigan or even T shirt.  And if that is still too much, why not just pin on a lovely festive brooch.

Detachable Christmas Collar with kitten and holly
Holly Brooch

I hope this has helped with if you are having a dilemma in choosing a Christmas jumper.  Which style will you go for?

Can you guess which one I would go for?

If you have any questions at all, please hit reply and send me a message.  I’m always delighted to have a chat.

With love and festive greetings

Claire xxx

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