Bridal Image & Style Consultations

Once you have set the date, probably the first thing you start thinking about is your dress and the colour and design.

You may have a dress in mind that has been your dream since you were a little girl, or you may be really open to suggestion.  Either way THE RIGHT DRESS is different for every bride.  It may be  long or short, wide or narrow, lacy or smooth, white or coloured – and which white or which colour will look best. Straps, strapless, halter neck?

What colour accessories, tiara or veil?  what colour should the bridesmaids wear?  The questions are endless.

bridal style advice

Take some of the pressure off and discover what will be the ideal dress for you.  Imagine how much easier it will be when you go shopping and can look straight past all the dresses, that although may look great on the hanger  – you will know  just aren’t right for you.


Wedding Dress Colour Analysis

Traditional white or contemporary colour – whatever your dream dress make sure it is a shade that flatters you the most.  Also discover the shades you must avoid.


Bride and Bridesmaids Colour Analysis

You will find your best white or colour( as above), but also that of your bridesmaids.  We will look at all their colourings  and see what colour(s) they  have most in common.  This will then help you choose the accent colour for your wedding.


Bridal Style Analysis

There are hundreds of wedding dresses out there and it can all seem a bit of a minefield – so how do you choose the one right for you?

Apart from the colour it is vital your dress flatters your shape and your silhouette.  Each part of the dress has to be right for you.  During this consultation you will be advised on the best:

Silhouette, neckline, waistline, shape of sleeves, length of skirts, veils, tiara’s, shoes and any jewellery


Wedding Dress Colour and Style Combination

Combine the 2 consultations and learn in one go the best shapes and colours for your perfect dress


Wedding Dress Shopping

Shopping for a wedding dress should be a really special and enjoyable time, but sometimes it is hard not to be influenced by those around you.  Once you know what shapes and colours are best for you, you will already be off to a head start.  But why not narrow it down to a choice of one or 2 before you take any one else with you.

I will accompany you to a bridal shop of your choice and assist you in finding that perfect dress


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