I have the pleasure of contributing style advice and tips to various sites and publications.
There is one in particular that always makes me smile.   It has a huge following and I would say it is practically 50/50 of those who are interested in how they appear and those that aren’t. In practically every style post I write, someone will comment “Oh I put comfort over style any day of the week”.
There seems to be a belief that style and comfort are exclusive of one another, but is this the case? Can you be stylish and comfortable at the same time?


From the comments I read, it seems that to many, comfort means being relaxed and not needing to make too much of an effort. 

To me, comfort means whatever clothes I have chosen to wear that day make me feel good about myself, they feel good on my body and I feel at ease in whatever environment I am in.  

Young girl struggling to walk in her mother's shoes

If comfort means relaxed – what about the lady in a dressy dress that is rucking up so short and she is forever pulling it down. Is she comfortable? Or a gorgeous pair of shoes we can’t walk in and end up looking like we are playing dress-up from our mother’s wardrobe – that definitely doesn’t equal comfort. It’s not the clothes themselves that cause the discomfort, it was how we feel and act in them – that is what displayed discomfort. I have a friend who wears 5-inch stiletto’s like slippers – she is far more comfortable in them than a pair of flip flops. To the extent where she wears them all day every day until she goes to bed – even in the house.


Does style automatically equal discomfort?  I 100% don’t think so.

In my opinion, being stylish means wearing clothes that flatter your physical attributes and your colouring, and equally importantly, it should reflect who you are as a person. It is the occasion that you wear the clothes that defines how relaxed they should be – bringing it back to perhaps other people’s definition of comfort. 

Woman in stylish comfortable outfit with red jacket and black leggings

With the above definitions it, therefore, makes sense that you can be stylish and comfortable at the same, as well as stylish and uncomfortable and comfortable and lacking in style. It’s all about what you wear, how you put it together and how you FEEL in the clothes. 

I know I talk about this a lot – but this really is my mantra. A woman has to feel amazing to look amazing. The actual physical garments only accentuate that – they on their own do not create style.

 How to be Stylish and Comfortable

As well as wearing clothes that flatter your style, shape, and personality – the biggest and most important key to being comfortable in your clothes is to be confident. When you feel good in something you have an extra air of confidence about you, and that in itself gives you a wonderful air of ease.

For some being confident is putting style over comfort. For others, it is comfort all the way – to the point of almost not bothering to get dressed in the morning. But without confidence, neither of these would look stylish. How can someone who looks uncomfortable in their own skin (or clothes) even begin to look stylish? You can look just as stylish in relaxed clothing as you can going out to a fine dining restaurant.

I prefer to use the word “principles” rather than rules – but there really are only 2 here:


 1. Make sure the clothes you are wearing for whatever occasion are right for YOU.  

If you don’t like florals (for example), no matter how gorgeous that frock may look on someone else, you will never be comfortable in it.


 2. Comfort doesn’t have to mean scruffy. You can still wear softer fabrics if that’s what comfort means to you, but even if you are lounging at home imagine wearing something that makes you feel so amazing because it makes you shine, that without even realising it you are indeed stylish.

(For those of you who love comfort but still like quality, check out these fab leggings. They are high-waisted, don’t roll down, and don’t go see-through, I LOVE them.)

So my lovelies, in answer to the question Can you be stylish and comfortable at the same time – the answer is a resounding YES.