About You

“The secret of great style is to feel good in what you wear”

Inès de la Fressange

Am I right in guessing this is you…?

You are probably over 40 and used to feel stylish and sassy.  You knew what you liked and what suited you, and when you wore it you felt fabulous.  You used to beam at your reflection when you tried on something new and skip home, full of excitement about your new purchase.

You want that feeling back.  You want to look and FEEL fabulous again – but life got in the way right?

You look in your wardrobe and feel despair because you look at your clothes and think “how on earth did these end up in my wardrobe, they’re not me at all”.

You used to know what was “you”, yet very few (if any) of your clothes reflect who you are, what you want your appearance to say about you, and most importantly of all instead of filling you with joy and confidence, at best are “OK”.


Your wardrobe is probably stuffed to overflowing but you stare at it and feel like having a toddler type tantrum because in your eyes you still don’t have anything to wear.

It’s nigh on impossible to create an outfit out of them that makes you want to smile at yourself in the mirror and say “yay, this is me, I love this”

Frustrated & Miserable

The thought of going shopping fills you with dread because you don’t have the time or inclination.  You come away feeling frustrated and sad having bought nothing at all, or “that’ll do” purchases which, let’s be honest, are probably replicas of the clothes in your wardrobe that didn’t excite you in the first place.

You feel miserable, and have stopped making the effort, pretending that you don’t really care.

Well my lovely, you do care and you are worth so much more than “that’ll do”.
That is why you found me and I can absolutely help you rediscover the real you, for who you are TODAY.


Support & Empathy

Imagine what it would be like to open your wardrobe and choose an outfit that is perfect for every occasion of your life, that makes you look and feel gorgeous.

Your reason for working with me is your own and is completely valid.  Rest assured that whatever your reason is, I promise to support you with empathy, constructive advice and of course, confidentiality.

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It’s time to reveal the TRUE YOU!!

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