The key is to pick the right red dress for you, so you feel comfortable in it, because even the most gorgeous dress doesn’t look great if you don’t feel it yourself.

💕1. Know what sort of red you’re looking for

You know by now that no colour is a ‘one shade suits all,’ so you need to be looking for the right tone for you; ‘blue-reds’ if you are fair, ‘orange-reds’ if you have darker or olive skin.

💕2. Be sure of your body shape

As we said at the outset, red is a bold colour and it will draw attention, so if ever there were a time to get the right shape and style for you, shopping for a red dress is it. Lighter colours will naturally draw more attention to your figure, so if are you have a fuller figure, darker reds and maroons might be a more comfortable choice. Don’t be afraid to try patterns. We all know that patterns will draw attention to an area of the body, so just use it to your advantage. Perhaps you could use pattern to draw attention to a neat waist, or wear pattern on your bottom half if you want to deflect attention from a larger bust or heavier arms.

💕 3. Set your budget before you start

If you really will pay anything for the right dress, then this is less important, but few of us are really in that position. Avoid disappointment by setting a top-price, so you can then be realistic about which shops you head for, and which you steer clear of – there’s no point trying on a beautiful dress in a lovely shop if you know you don’t have the means to pay. That’s just demoralising. If budget is tight, consider borrowing a dress, or buying a second-hand one. There are some fabulous pre-loved clothing boutiques around. In Norfolk (my home county), I recommend The Green Room

💕 4. Try them on!

It’s simple really. Try on as many as you can, even if you’re not sure about it on the hanger, because dresses always look different on. Take a friend for a second opinion by all means, but don’t be talked into buying something if you’re not completely sure, because you won’t feel comfortable in it (see the intro above).

💕 5. Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise!

Once you have the perfect dress, you’ll need some shoes. Good choices to go with red are white, black, nude, or a similar red to the dress, though that can be harder to match. Avoid neons and pastels. Bags should be a similar colour to your shoes, though needn’t match. A red bag might be a lot of a similar colour in the same place, depending on the pattern, if any, on your dress. How big or what style is completely up to you and how much you’ll need to carry on your occasion. A red dress carries a certain elegance, so plastic necklaces or bangles could ruin your look. Silver and gold both go well with red, depending on whether you have cool or warm colouring.

💕The most important thing is to have some fun, and enjoy yourself!

💕Wishing you a wonderful Valentine Day whether it be with the love of your life, a new love, or just simply loving yourself

Have a Gorgeous Day xxx