The old adage “I shouldn’t be judged by how I look”, is no longer valid.  We live in a very visual and quick world.  Before someone even decides to speak to you, they will have formed an opinion as to whether they WANT to talk to you.  Based solely on your appearance.  So here are 5 reasons to see a Personal Stylist.

Very few people are born with the knowledge of how to look fabulous

When you want to learn to drive, you hire a driving instructor right?  When you want to learn to horse-ride again you take lessons.  So why is it assumed by so many that you should automatically know what suits you and how to put outfits together?

A Personal Stylist (or at least a good one) has had in-depth training and years of experience to show you how to dress for your colouring, your body shape and, if they are worth their salt, they will be able to ensure you are dressed to reflect you, and only you.

A Personal Stylist Will Help You Gain Confidence

When you look good, you feel so much better about yourself.  That isn’t about being vain or arrogant – that’s fact.  When you know you are looking your best you will ooze confidence. 

Many women are scared of showing confidence in fear it comes across as arrogance, but people are attracted to confident happy people.  When you attract others to you in that way, you will inevitably have better interactions with them creating a more powerful relationship and the outcomes of any given situation will be much more positive

You will have a wardrobe of clothes you LOVE to wear

You know the feeling of standing in front of a jam-packed wardrobe and crying that you have nothing to wear.  Not only does a Personal Stylist help you find clothes that suit your physical characteristics and personality, but also how to put clothes together and how to create more outfits from the same items, so getting dressed every day becomes a joy.  Of the 5 reasons to see a Personal Stylist, this is undoubtedly the biggest “pain-solver” for my clients.


A Personal Stylist Saves You Time and Money

Knowing that everything in your wardrobe will work together saves you so much time getting ready every day.  You will no longer have lots of clothes that go with nothing else.  Instead, you will have a capsule of clothes that all work together, making it a breeze to choose the right outfit for the right occasion.

How often have you purchased clothes which you have never worn?  They may have been discounted in a sale but aren’t a “bargain” unless you wear them and love how you look in them.

You will recoup the money invested in a consultation with a Personal Stylist many times over as you will no longer be buying clothes that do not suit you or that go with nothing else in your wardrobe.  In fact, you will be getting so much more wear out of fewer clothes that you will save a fortune.

Love Clothes Shopping again 

When you know what to look for and what to avoid, it makes shopping for clothes so much more enjoyable and time-efficient.  Imagine walking into a store and after a quick glance being able to head straight to the rail with the clothes that suit you, while ignoring all those that don’t?

You will be taught how to shop effectively so that everything you buy suits you AND goes with the rest of your wardrobe.

If the thought of shopping still feels you with dread – you don’t ever need to do it again.  A Personal Stylist will do it for you – finding only the clothes that suit your colouring, your figure, your personality and your budget and you don’t even need to leave your house.  

So there we have 5 reasons to see a Personal Stylist, and there really are many more. For more hints and tips check out my Facebook page.