We have all had them, those niggles that badger away at us about our appearance, and leave us feeling uncomfortable at best, or downright depressed at worst.  Here’s some help on how to overcome your Style Hurdles and create some self love.

By feeling uncomfortable I don’t just mean tight jeans; Loss of confidence shows up in so many different ways:

*Fidgeting with your clothes

*Keep going to the loo

*Jealousy or comparing yourself to other women

*Wanting to hide away

*Not participating in a business or social situation

*Refusing invitations from the get-go or agreeing to go and cancelling at the last minute.

 Do any of these sound familiar?  When was the last time you felt like that.  Be honest.  Dig deep.

Pop your thinking cap on – when was the last time you felt like this?

What was it?

How were you dressed?

How did you feel?

How were other women dressed who you perceived as “getting it right”? 

Were they dressed similarly or different to you?  If different, what was different?

Now think of a time when you felt FABULOUSLY CONFIDENT in a business or social situation

What was the occasion?

How were you dressed?

How did you feel?

What was different about the one where you didn’t feel so great?


Make a note of other occasions when you feel your style has moved you forward and when it has held you back

It’s becoming aware of these things that will help you overcome your style hurdles.  Once you are specific you will be able to identify the situations which challenge you.  It is understanding :

Why don’t you feel you look how you want to look, or feel how you want to feel?

What is holding you back?

More often than not the thing that is holding you back is a mindset or belief you have been holding for sometime.

It could be something that was said to you or something that happened to you

Over time that feeling becomes so strong that it’s what you act by.

By  acting on these beliefs or believing what is going on in your head that will become the defining aspect of how you feel.

That in turn has such a major effect on how  you dress or appear to the world.

Before you can truly move forward and feel confident about how you look,  you  need to  clear your “appearance mind-monkeys” and overcome your personal style hurdles
These  are just thoughts, they are not tangible, they are not real

You ARE gorgeous
You ARE beautiful
You CAN appear as fab and gorgeous on the outside as you are on the inside

What are YOUR Style Barriers?  What’s getting in your way?

These negative beliefs will limit your ability to move forward, so you have to get rid of them once and for all.

Here’s How:

First of all, become aware of the negative things you say about yourself and your appearance

Be specific. 

Examples of Style Hurdles:

* People will think I’m trying too hard

* My budget is too small

* My body isn’t perfect/nothing ever fits me

* I don’t feel comfortable spending money on myself

* I’ll work on my style when I lose the weight

* People should like me for me, not for what I look like on the outside

* I lack the confidence to wear what I want to wear

* Include any of the above ONLY if they are true to you.  Add any other limiting beliefs of your own.

* If you noticed an emotional reaction in your body, then you probably do carry that belief with you.

WHY do you believe these statements to be true? 

WHERE did these beliefs come from?  Was it a certain situation?  Did someone say something to you.  What set them in stone in your mind?  Dig deep and be truly honest with yourself. 

Photocopy those negative beliefs so they are on their own page.

On a clean page write out the complete opposite to ALL those beliefs so they become positive

Take the piece of paper with the old beliefs on and BURN IT.Think of those beliefs and just let them go. They are physically being destroyed.

Pick ONE of your new positive beliefs –picture that as your reality.

Put yourself in a situation in your mind that is real for you

Imagine that positive statement being true. How amazing does that feel?

Repeat this exercise daily, until one-by-one your Style Hurdles are crushed and disappear completely.

What are your Style Hurdles and what do you think will help you overcome them?